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Easy To Use Payroll Services

Easy to Use Payroll Services

Integrates with Quickbooks

US Payroll’s services integrate fully with Quickbooks, so you can feel secure that your information is securely handled with all the power and reliability of Quickbooks.

Easy Paychecks: just enter hours!

Convenient paycheck handling, simply enter hours and click “Go” to pay your employees.

Free Expert Support

Our professional staff of payroll experts is ready to answer any questions you might have.

Electronically file W-2’s at Years End

Take the hassle out of filing W-2’s and file electronically with our secure document handling service

Includes Payroll Tax Forms

US Payroll will make sure you have all tax forms you’ll need to successfully file your taxes

We Will File & Pay Taxes For You

Sit back and let the professionals at US Payroll handle your tax filing, we will ensure a hassle-free end of year filing.

Our Services

Payroll Processing

US Payroll helps you stay focused on your business by streamlining your payroll process, improving productivity, and simplifying administration.

Time and Attendance

US Payroll provides a comprehensive software solution that will streamline your company’s operations, simplify timekeeping, and save you money. US Payroll offers the most state-of-the-art methods of time management for today’s businesses.

Workers Compensation

We offer a Pay-as-you-go policy based on actual payrolls and one payroll period at a time.

Time & Attendance

Collect and Process Time with Ease

US Payroll’s programs are designed to provide your organization with the level of control you desire.

  • Efficiently collect employee time with web-based options.
  • Apply real-time management with a supervisor dashboard, effectively keeping track of employee time.
  • Immediately access employee data online.
  • Eliminate dual employee entry with seamless integration between timekeeping and payroll.

Workers Compensation

As a business owner, eliminating a large down payment for your workers’ compensation insurance interest you? You know how important it is to manage cash fow on a day-to-day basis and that’s not always easy when you have to come up with a down payment that may be as much as 25% of the premium for your workers compensation policy.

Good news, US Payroll has a solution!

We offer a Pay-as-you-go policy based on actual payrolls and one payroll period at a time. Your cash flow won’t be negatively affected by a large deposit premium or by premiums based on infated payroll numbers from previous years.

  • Enjoy These Benefts!
  • No large down payment
  • No fnance and billing fees
  • Improved cash fow
  • Help to minimize audit adjustments at the end of the policy period
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