Fill Out The Item Form Fields

If your business listing hasn’t been added to the directory, chances are it’s because of an incomplete submission.

If you register for a free account and just copy & paste some content from a spread sheet without adding it to the correct fields in your items account; I’m not going to fill it out for you.

These free accounts are self-service, I offer an opportunity for a quality external link to your website. Once you’ve added the basic business description & contact information to the correct fields, I’ll approve the listing.

Community Standards

Another reason I won’t add a listing is if I’m uncomfortable with the nature of the business. I adhere to a basic community standard, no porn, no racism, no drug paraphernalia. I reserve the right to not list any business for any reason.


If I start seeing the same kinds of listings with just minor differences, I’ll generally assume these listings are departments from one larger business, or a franchise. I will see this as an abuse of this service and not approve your listings. If you need multiple listings, we offer paid multi-listing options.